5 Ways Delivery Services Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

//5 Ways Delivery Services Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

From containers and significant assets to documents and other important packages, delivery or courier services these days expand to include all type of need. Moreover, while distribution is an action that takes place after a customer has made a purchase decision, its impact on customer satisfaction and the overall success of the company cannot be ignored.

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction through optimal delivery operations, many courier businesses invest in GPS technology. Here are the following ways real-time tracking can help delivery businesses:

1. Provide Customers with Real-Time Delivery Notification

Customers of delivery and distribution companies demand real-time updates about their goods. Aside from the fact that it gives the company an advantage over its competition, having a GPS tracking system provides the customers with peace of mind. Through real-time tracking, delivery companies can identify the exact location of the delivery vehicle and share it with their clients, which results in a better customer experience.

2. Monitor Delivery Personnel Real-Time

GPS monitoring can also be used to monitor the performance of delivery personnel while on the road. First, it helps strengthen the speed limit policies of the company. If delivery drivers know that the fleet manager can get a report every time they go above the specified speed limit, they are going to keep their speeds within the limit. This helps reduce the risks of getting apprehended for speeding or even avoid road accidents which can tarnish the name of your business significantly.

3. Avoid False Customer Allegations

Delivery service companies can be faced with false allegations of poor service against them. A GPS tracking service is an efficient way to have substantial evidence to counter these fraudulent charges. This helps the company retain its reputation and avoid unnecessary costs.

4. Ensure Regular Fleet Maintenance

Day-to-day delivery operations can be hectic, so it is easy to forget about the necessary maintenance requirements of the delivery fleet. GPS trackers can routinely remind both drivers and fleet managers about oil changes, brake checks, and tune-ups. Staying on top of maintenance is crucial to prevent little problems from becoming costly issues down the line.

5. Manage Fuel Consumption

Delivery vehicles travel from point A to point B countless times each day, but delivery destinations can also vary from one day to the next. GPS tracking tools allow fleet managers to be able to schedule the most efficient routes for all the drivers so that all deliveries are made promptly and with maximum fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, a real-time tracking service also helps reduce idle periods, which can be a big drain on fuel. According to one study, engine-idling consumes more than six billion gallons of fuel, which translates to over $20 billion each year. Fleet managers can use the data gathered on GPS tracker tool to analyze the idle time of their vehicles and find an efficient way to reduce it.

Take advantage of these benefits and grow your delivery service business by installing a GPS tracking technology on your delivery vehicles as soon as possible. Visit our website today site.mytrackee.com or send an email to contactus@mytrackee.com to learn more about our GPS tracking solutions.

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