How Real-Time Tracking Benefits Food Delivery Service?

//How Real-Time Tracking Benefits Food Delivery Service?

The increasing number of players in the food industry has motivated many companies to aim for reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction as a way to gain a competitive edge. One of the ways many restaurants achieve those goals is by leveraging the power of real-time tracking apps, which helps them monitor and track their ability to deliver takeaway orders in a timely fashion.

Restaurants and food services that have integrated GPS tracking in their delivery operations have experienced substantial improvements in their business ever since. Read on as we detail on this post the benefits of using real-time GPS tracking apps for restaurants and food service’s delivery operations.

More Efficient Delivery Operations

By reviewing the data stored in a real-time tracking app such as MyTrackee, fleet managers can identify the most efficient routes that delivery drivers often take to arrive at the customer’s location on time. This allows them to set a standard route which leads to simplification and elimination of unnecessary turns that causes higher fuel cost.

They can also provide instant updates to the driver on the road and adjust routes based on unforeseen hurdles such as traffic and inclement weather. Additionally, real-time tracking app provides vital information such idling, speeding, and engine starts – all of which can be used to measure the performance of the delivery drivers. This constant monitoring of the driver’s performance helps food delivery operators to set more streamlined delivery procedures which ultimately ensures that the customers receive their orders in excellent condition.

Improve Turnaround Times

The delivery operations team is not only the one that can benefit from a real-time tracking app. Kitchen and management staff can also leverage such platform to their advantage to prepare the next batch of take-out orders. By having insights about the real-time location of each delivery vehicles, kitchen staff can notify the fleet manager to set the route for the next orders, thus improving their order completion process and turnaround times.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer’s expectations and delivery requirements is a must for every restaurant and food business. However, many companies struggle to meet those because they do not have a GPS tracking system in place. Poor on-time delivery performance impacts not only the efficiency of delivery operations – it is usually an indicator of poor customer service and management.

Regardless of the size and types of vehicle that consist the delivery fleet, a real-time tracking solution can help restaurants to deliver faster. When fleet managers know where their vehicles are and what they are doing, they can provide customers with up-to-date information on expected delivery and service times.

They will also be able to alert their customers if any unforeseen traffic circumstances change this estimate. Such dedication to efficient delivery can surely leave a good impression on customers. Furthermore, the increased productivity with route optimization and driver motivation will allow the business to serve more customers in less time. Therefore, real-time tracking not only has the potential to save money but also to generate more revenue for restaurants and food services.

If you have questions about how real-time tracking solutions with MyTrackee will benefit your food business, contact us today!

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