Publicly share your location & id

///Publicly share your location & id

Share your id with other

  • After login, set app mode to Track Me (Private)
    1. Set the status that you want people to see while tracking you. You can reset status any time later on to provide updates
    2. Tap on top left logo icon
  • Set Track Me (Public) mode, you may use these options
    1. Check the id that you want to share. Default is your user name
    2. You can reset your id form here, either temporary id, #hashtag id or your user name
    3. Select the mode to Tracke Me (Public)
    4. Tap this to share on any social media platform or any app
  • Select the social media platform or any app
  • By tapping any app icon, it may ask to choose any user/groups/friends whom with, you want to share your id. On selecting, myTrackee link containing your id will be copied to app window and send
  • On receiving end, user can tap on the link and start tracking you on web site. Anyone can also search you on myTrackee mobile app or web site, and start tracking
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