Advantages of Using myTrackee for Outdoor Sports Events [INFOGRAPHIC]

//Advantages of Using myTrackee for Outdoor Sports Events [INFOGRAPHIC]

Organising or joining public mass-participation events such as cycling or marathon can be a monumental task, especially for the athletes and the organisers.

On one hand, participants must be able to track their pacing and achieve certain stats to finish the race according to the position they want to achieve. On the other hand, the organisers must be able to track the real-time position of each participant to ensure their safety, and these days, share the location of each participant to the audience to make the event more interactive and enjoyable.

Fortunately, there are now a plethora of mobile apps in the market which athletes can use to track their pacing, and organisers can use to track all participants, share their event with the public, and enable fans to track individual users in real-time.

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