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QAU is using myTrackee platform to provide real-time tracking of its buses. This will greatly benefit to not only transport management but also students and teachers who are using buses on daily buses. Instead of waiting at bus stops for 10-15 minutes they can see the location of bus from home and come to bus stop when bus is reaching there.

How To Track

You can track any of the university bus or see bus stops and routes on map by

  1. Searching with keywords on myTrackee mobile or web app. Some valid keywords to search QAU routes and buses are
    • qau buses
    • qau bus27
    • qau routes
    • qau i10
  2. By clicking on any of the below links

Soon we are going to fix buses on routes then it will be possible to track the buses by routes only


Note: myTrackee service is in Beta, please have patience in case of any issues in start.